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About Us

Welcome to Daisies&Doodlebugs

For over 40 years, Daisies&Doodlebugs offers traditional dress clothes for kids with quality fabrics and exceptional workmanship. Imported fabrics and trims are carefully selected for our full European cut. We are one of the South's most beautiful, upscale line of children's clothing. Our traditional styles will never become outdated and our clothes are passed down for generations.


What makes Daisies&Doodlebugs unique is our “design your own” concept. You, the customer, can show off your creative abilities and "design" your own outfit to suit your taste. You have the options of changing collars, sleeves and bottoms, as well as fabric choices and trims.


Our infant sizes are 3, 6 and 9 months. Girl's sizes range from 12 months to 6X (certain styles available in larger sizes). Boy's sizes range from 12 months to 5.

At Daisies&Doodlebugs we believed children should be comfortable in their clothes. We like to keep children looking like children. After all, they grow up far too quickly!


For further inquiries, please feel free to email daisiesndoodlebugs@gmail.com or contact us at (504) 255-6213.